Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hard Times Ahead

Given the recent DHS report that seeks to demonize Veterans and other “Right-wing Extremists”, the poorly veiled smear from CNN on the coverage of the Tea Parties, and now the epitome of Mental Stability, Janine Garofalo insisting that we’re racist for protesting Big Government Spending, I fear that things will get worse before they get better.

For several decades now, the Left has floated itself on the idea that it is the Anti-discrimination party. It began with the Civil Rights Movement, where the moral authority to call out those in power who were truly attempting to keep various peoples in “their place” was a strong and virtuous one.

The Left has retained its claim on these actions and most especially on the claim that it has the unquestionable right and indeed the obligation to continue laying blame at the feet of those who would see others oppressed. The only problem is that laws have been passed, organizations have been formed (or shattered), and changes are in evidence to support the notion that perhaps we have moved on from that era.

But why let a good tool go to waste?

Having the perceived moral authority to claim that someone is racist, fascist, or a general example of non-humanity is a great boon to their efforts. We are seeing this being applied liberally to our efforts right now.

On April 15th, we witnessed a massive gathering of peoples from all different walks of life who wanted to be heard in regards to their displeasure concerning the rampant spending that will lead to high taxes for at least another generation of Americans. An off-the-top estimate appears to be 500,000 across the nation. This was a great start that will propel us forward towards our ability to effect real change in Washington as well as bolster our candidate in 2012.

This fact is quite frightening to those of the Left.

Our ability to organize and stage such protests is a very real threat to them as evidenced by the above stated reactions and pre-emptive strikes. These despicable acts of misrepresentation and libel will only increase. We can all look forward to being smeared, jeered, and threatened with increasing ferocity and frequency.

The fact is that we are becoming the counter-culture. We are the new “hippies”, although we might very well be awarded some other title such as “suitee”, “squarey”, or even “righty-whiteies”. Ridicule, anti-coverage, and dismissal will be our foes. Misrepresented policies and messages will plague us. Our fervent, but misguided friends will take us backwards with their ravings. This will not be easy.

Hope is never far however, from those who continue to push forward.

So gather your wits about you, call your allies, and sally forth towards the fray…

…it has only just begun.

H/T: Hot Air