Thursday, May 13, 2010

The MSA, a Girl, and the Law

You know, it occurs to me after seeing this video that there is something very wrong going on.

The open display of Hostile Intent as witnessed by anyone who watches this is indicative of a larger threat. The vocal admission of hatred and intolerance seen here demonstrates a clear and present danger to our society.

I want you to imagine that the man at the podium is not a Jew, but a Black American discussing Segregation and other related topics, and the questioner is not a Muslim college girl, but a southern White man. Now imagine the reaction that would be felt the nation over were the White man to profess his hatred of the Blacks and wish for their eventual removal from the Earth with a transparent statement of “For it.”

This girl’s open and disturbingly honest (she didn’t even blink) answer to an equally open and honest question is the smoke, and to me, that is the proof of a fire.

That fire must be found and extinguished.

The question regarding the extent of our Freedom of Speech begins to arise. How far can someone go before they have committed a crime that is recognizable by society as a whole? Not just by one part, or some, but easily condemned by everyone as “Evil” and therefore punishable by the Law. Has this girl committed such an act?

No she has not.

As deplorable as it may be, the admission of moral support to any cause, however sick and twisted, is not a crime. One may profess one’s love for any idea however wretched and decrepit without fear of reprisal by the Law. It is actions that concern the Law, and it is action that galvanizes a society to protect itself.

While the video above can be described as “Galvanizing”, it is not the scene of a crime. So who is the true culprit here?

This girl referred to the Muslim Student Association (MSA) not with the neutral “it” but rather with the inclusive “we”. She is a part of the MSA. She even demonstrated this inclusion by disclosing the fact that no one helps with the cost of their annual “Hitler Youth Rallies” (her words). Further, her question is not only requesting detailed explanations concerning alleged connections between her College Club (the MSA) and Terrorist Organizations, but also she is doing so in an obviously defensive and dismissively sarcastic manner.

This eliminates the ability for us to reflexively write her off as an “Individual”, a “Lone Wolf”, or an “Outsider”. The possibility of her being a “Rogue” is possible, but I do not think that this is the case, as I hope to show. Regardless, it is safe to assume that she is someone’s apparatchik. A puppet led by strings from above. She is a symptom, not the disease, and I am more than willing to propose for the sake of argument that she is not alone.

So my next question is where did she receive her indoctrination? How did she become so filled with hatred for the Jews? I posit that the MSA had something to do with it. Between her jarring answer and Mr. Horowitz’s statements describing previous experiences with the same group on other UC campuses (and I’ll show that they are in other places as well), it would seem that they were instrumental in the fomenting of her naked aggression.

Other sources lend weight to this idea, and I would remind you that this videographed incident did not take place in a vacuum.

The fact that Faisal Shahzad, notorious for his attempt to bomb Times Square in New York, attended the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut from 2000 to 2005 is one of those supporting sources. You see, the University’s own website proudly shows the MSA to be one of their Registered College Clubs.

You don’t suppose that a man born and raised in Pakistan to a Muslim family that later came to America would join something like the Muslim Student’s Association in college would you? I would.

Am I saying that the MSA might have something to do with the attempted bombing of Times Square?

If the girl in the video is any indication of what “rolls off the assembly line”, I doubt that they would argue much with the motivations necessary for such a horrific act.

This whole thing reminds me of a case that happened in 1970. A man was put on trial for murder, but not for any actual killing committed by him personally. He was a charismatic leader who convinced his “Family” to do it for him. That man was found guilty.

His name was Charles Manson.

He is currently living in the California Penal System, and every year, they bring him out to verify for the world to see that he is in fact still crazy, hateful, and perfectly willing to continue killing. California, to its credit, will never parole Charles Manson. No one who is right in the head thinks that he has any business out among the rest of us.

Mostly due to his existence as an Indelible Image of Evil, I imagine.

To sum it up, I think that it is time for the Federal Government to begin investigating certain groups to see if they have violated the law by doing the same thing. By preaching their particular brands of hatred to our impressionable youth, they are creating in effect thousands of potential seeds. The greater the number of seeds planted, the greater the chance of another Times Square attempt, another Oklahoma City Bombing, or another murdered abortion doctor.

Was Faisal Shahzad in the MSA? Did the MSA steer him in the direction of Radical Islam? If so, should the MSA or the responsible individuals within that organization face a Grand Jury on murder charges using the precedence that convicted Charles Manson? Can any organization in this country that promotes hatred and violence towards any other sub-section of society be held accountable for it’s evil teachings?

I don’t know.

But someone should find out, and soon…