Saturday, May 30, 2009

The "Gun Run" And Obama

I have heard a lot of buzz since November concerning Obama's alleged desire to eradicate Responsible Gun Ownership in this country.

After some thought, this becomes almost a laughable idea.

Consider the fact that of all the industries in this nation, the only "recession-proof" example is the Firearm Industry. What I wouldn't give for stock in Glock right about now...

In a market that has seen entire calibers of ammunition become practically extinct overnight due to mass sales (.380 ACP, I'm looking at you...), I have begun to wonder how much money is being put into legal defense and 2nd Amendment Support Organizations. Since no one else has any money, I would guess that it's quite an impressive amount.

Obama is busy printing money that is going to be about as solvent as currency as Pelosi is as a credible witness, and the Gun Industry is sitting on a fat mound of liquid capitol. Hmm... I'm no economic expert, but I think that I see a small speedbump forming for the "gun-grabber" crowd. We all got so worried about the possible policies of the far Left, that we all went right out and supported our rights in the most effective way possible. We bought into the market and bought their products (yes, me too). Some people went for the big and bad .45 ACP, while others stayed in the high capacity and availability route with the 9mm. Shotguns, rifles (both assault and hunting), pistols of every type and size, you name it; if it shoots something out the muzzle, it got purchased by someone.

All that money is now in the hands of the manufacturers who will make very sure that you will continue to legally buy their products as soon as you can afford them.

I'm by no means attempting to place a dark patina on the industry here, I'm just stating a fact. They most likely like being in business, so they will protect that business as much as possible. No kidding, hunh?

Furthermore, now that the ratio of guns to populace has indubitably changed to an increased percentage, it would be even harder to get all the guns now than ever before.Not just because now even more people are armed, but because of the fact that America has spoken quite clearly in regards to it's desire to continue owning guns. Rather than the "usual suspects" of White Conservative Men being the only market for weaponry, women are buying them in droves too. Hold fast Dear Reader, for I have heard tell that Liberals are making the occasional purchase of the World's Most Demonized Tool as well. I guess they figure that perhaps they might want to live the novelty that is Responsible Gun Ownership before it becomes a thing of the past. You know, just in case, or something.

(As a note to any Liberals out there who fit this description, please be careful with your new firearm. It is not a toy, and we don't want any more statistics. Read all instructions before use, and practice safe handling techniques. Thank you!)

Heck, at this rate, and with Obama receiving honors such as the Gun Salesman Of The Year Award, I wouldn't be surprised if the Gun Industry gives a donation to the DNC just for a kicker to the 2010 sales forecast.

I'm joking, of course.

"A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns." ~Mario Puzo

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day (A Promise Kept)

When I was in Iraq, I lost a very good friend. I will not say his name here as I do not have the family's permission to do so.

Suffice it to say, he gave his life for the freedoms that we all enjoy and occasionally take for granted. In return, I will finally honor a promise made to him that I couldn't carry out at the time.

My friend wanted me to tell everyone at his memorial service (if such occurred, it did and I had to go out on a mission during such...) that he hated false motivation and the professed love of the Marine Corps for just it's sake alone.

In the Marine Corps, a certain variety of person can be found: The Motard. This brand of individual can best be described as someone who is very much into all of the verbal reinforcement and trappings of the organization and means well, but misses the real underlying purpose of the experience as a whole. In other words, a motivated retard. The Military is not known for it's subtlety...

This kind of Marine will accost you with an inexhaustible supply of "Ooh-rahs", "Yuts", and "Semper Fi's", but they only seem to do it because they are in love with the idea of being a Marine rather than simply accepting the fact and doing their jobs quietly and efficiently.

What they fail to comprehend is that all the "jaded" Marines (mostly Infantry) have an innate understanding about the way men and women are motivated in the most important facet of the organization's structure: War.

Those Marines have come to understand that no amount of "Ooh-rah" will carry your buddy back to Charlie Medical, no amount of "Yut" will kill or capture the enemy, and no amount of "Semper Fi" will bring lost friends back to life.

We don't require verbal reinforcement to carry out the duties that can bring us life-long heartbreak. We do it because we said we would and we never want our families and friends back home to ever see or do the things that we have.

I don't blame those who are overly excited about being a Marine, I was too when I first graduated from Boot Camp in '04, but at some point the shine wears off and you have to get down to the business of carrying out your sometimes odious duties. The job can be an incredible rush, and an interminable bore. It is not for everyone.

I will stop here and offer to all those who have gone before me and given their ultimate sacrifice for the life I love today my thanks.

May God bless and keep you in His love.

On thy grave the rain shall fall from the eyes of a mighty nation! ~Thomas William Parsons

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Note To Ms. Pelosi

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. What are we going to do with you? I know that barring a catastrophic meltdown of the Democratic Party, you will be re-elected in perpetuity. After you finally pass the Cadaver's Rights Initiative, your mummified and exceptionally well preserved corpse will still have a seat in Congress. You will never leave us.

Now, if we could just get you to stop lying, or at least get you to do it better. Lying is part and parcel to your job, we get that, but we also get the idea that someone of your degree of importance should be an expert with a twisted truth. This whole CIA business is a glorious example of your highly vaunted "transparency in government" for the simple reason that you're not fooling anybody.

Some people are calling for your resignation, and I have to laugh. You aren't going to let this be your pink-slip moment; you will persevere with your usual aplomb and go right on being yourself. Quit? Ha! You scoff at such notions. However...

Your actions have damaged others. Oh, I know that anything you say to the detriment of the CIA in your district is golden political currency and only serves to bolster your voting base, but consider all those coat-tailers who rode into DC-town on whims and prayers with Obama. This is going to hurt them, and in 2010 or 2012, you could be seeing less friendly faces in the workplace. Less Liberals in the House makes for a more difficult time trying to pass all those Fairy-dust Funded Fripperies.

More care should be taken with your less fortunate Sisters and Brothers in Congress. You may be secure, but many of them are, as we say in Internetspeak, "Noobs". They have fragile and delicate platforms with their constituents who have only just met and elected them into office. Your actions endanger their positions and weaken the party as a whole.

But that's not really a concern for you, now is it? Such piddling issues are beneath your contempt. Let the lesser beings fend for themselves I guess? Of course, I agree with you being as how I'm a Conservative. The truth is, I am enjoying this display of rampant disregard for your Party. I am pleased with your inability to behave in a politically viable fashion. I am so glad that you didn't offer a simple, direct, and honest answer to an otherwise softball-like question. That one would have just "whiffed" on by with barely a flicker on the radar, but no, you had to try and cover up your involvement with torture.

With approval ratings at all-time lows for Congress, you continue to offer good reason to perpetuate such sentiments with your backpeddling, your blame shifting, and your greasy retractions. Some folks might begin to realize that the low confidence scores roughly coincide with the Democratic Majority in the House. They might start to wonder why they still elect people into High Office who they wouldn't trust to drop a rock with the Laws of Gravity.

Oh well, maybe Rahm and Obama will find a way to turn your crisis into a bountiful harvest of Distraction-Assisted Policy Changes. Then we can all get back to business as usual with your words retaining their meaning and integrity for only so long as the echoes of their passing reverberate...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Obama's True Political Masters

I want you to do me a favor. Humor me (because I suck at the whole "put in a video thing") and go to YouTube right quick and search for “crying hippies, trees”. Watch the corresponding video (it will be obvious when you find it…) and answer me this:

What would the Black Vote think about these people?

Consider this too. Quick, how many Minority Objective Initiatives can you name that are in the news right now? How about Eco-Conscious ones? Disparity there? Yes, I arrived at the same answer.

I couldn’t think of anything that works towards the “betterment” of Minorities (with the exception of possibly the “GIVE Act”), but I could think of Cap-and-Trade, the EPA report concerning doubts about CO2, pressure on GM to build more eco-friendly cars, and the perpetually funded but mysteriously non-committal search for the “Energy Source of the Future”.

This means only one thing folks:

The Black Vote only counts in an election year. Their political currency dries up immediately following the final count. Eco-Friends however, have a habit of collecting money for lobbying groups and political entities to bring about their will on the Legislature. The Blacks do too, but apparently their money is less…green.

I would love to see the reaction from Black communities if I showed them that video and then asked them about who is really being listened to in their party. I would relish the opportunity to explain how various projects of an environmentally sound nature will end up costing the poorest people the most over the next few decades by raising energy costs, directly in keeping with the words of Barack Obama himself.

I find it interesting that the one person who was billed as the “Post-partisan President” has turned out to be a *gasp* politician! He sells people out! He smiles benevolently at them in their misery and commiserates, but then takes his marching orders from people and groups that are largely well endowed financially!

What. A. Shocker.

I predicted that this election in either of its outcomes would damage the black vote, but I didn’t think that it would be so…blatant. It has been said that he is just returning favors right now, and soon he’ll get down to the “Brass Tacks” of the Presidency, but I think he’s going to be paying long after his term(s) is (are) over. Some people worked miracles to get him in there, and miracle workers expect miraculous payments. I wouldn’t hold my breath on the “getting down” thing unless it’s at another celebrity award dinner. I predict that the Black Community will wonder what, aside from the first Black President, tax debt (your withholdings are lowered, but your dues are the same meaning you’ll OWE money next year), decades of inflated deficit, and oppressive Green Initiated Legislature Obama really gave them.

Or they could just simply be ecstatic that a Black man is in Office, regardless of his abilities, intentions, or actions.

I would point out though that even the Gay and Lesbian issues are getting more concentrated press time than that of any Minority of any other kind. Such issues are historically looked down upon by the Black, Latino, and even Asian Communities, but they are never-the-less an integral part of the Party Platform. Especially considering the lower percentage of Gay people (+/- 10%) in this country compared to the amount of Blacks (+/- 14%), you might think that Party Leadership would tell someone to wait their turn as more pressing matters are at hand.

Then again, perhaps it really is as one man told me, “The Blacks have nothing else to ask for. What does the NAACP do these days? What laws need to be written to give me more opportunity to succeed? When was the last time you saw a serious protest or political drive to change something other than who sits in some office in DC? We won and we don’t even know it yet.” You might be able to guess his paint job from the words there…

Having “Won” is a burden that the Democratic Party may eventually have to start dealing with. If people begin to view themselves as being taken for granted, they tend to wander away.

Aside from differences of opinion concerning Abortion and Capitol Punishment, the Black Vote really isn’t that far removed from our traditional stance. Hey, I’ll take an extra 14% At the Polling Station…

P.S. Can anyone name more Demographic Disparities in the Democratic Party? Better question (?): Can you name any in ours?