Saturday, May 30, 2009

The "Gun Run" And Obama

I have heard a lot of buzz since November concerning Obama's alleged desire to eradicate Responsible Gun Ownership in this country.

After some thought, this becomes almost a laughable idea.

Consider the fact that of all the industries in this nation, the only "recession-proof" example is the Firearm Industry. What I wouldn't give for stock in Glock right about now...

In a market that has seen entire calibers of ammunition become practically extinct overnight due to mass sales (.380 ACP, I'm looking at you...), I have begun to wonder how much money is being put into legal defense and 2nd Amendment Support Organizations. Since no one else has any money, I would guess that it's quite an impressive amount.

Obama is busy printing money that is going to be about as solvent as currency as Pelosi is as a credible witness, and the Gun Industry is sitting on a fat mound of liquid capitol. Hmm... I'm no economic expert, but I think that I see a small speedbump forming for the "gun-grabber" crowd. We all got so worried about the possible policies of the far Left, that we all went right out and supported our rights in the most effective way possible. We bought into the market and bought their products (yes, me too). Some people went for the big and bad .45 ACP, while others stayed in the high capacity and availability route with the 9mm. Shotguns, rifles (both assault and hunting), pistols of every type and size, you name it; if it shoots something out the muzzle, it got purchased by someone.

All that money is now in the hands of the manufacturers who will make very sure that you will continue to legally buy their products as soon as you can afford them.

I'm by no means attempting to place a dark patina on the industry here, I'm just stating a fact. They most likely like being in business, so they will protect that business as much as possible. No kidding, hunh?

Furthermore, now that the ratio of guns to populace has indubitably changed to an increased percentage, it would be even harder to get all the guns now than ever before.Not just because now even more people are armed, but because of the fact that America has spoken quite clearly in regards to it's desire to continue owning guns. Rather than the "usual suspects" of White Conservative Men being the only market for weaponry, women are buying them in droves too. Hold fast Dear Reader, for I have heard tell that Liberals are making the occasional purchase of the World's Most Demonized Tool as well. I guess they figure that perhaps they might want to live the novelty that is Responsible Gun Ownership before it becomes a thing of the past. You know, just in case, or something.

(As a note to any Liberals out there who fit this description, please be careful with your new firearm. It is not a toy, and we don't want any more statistics. Read all instructions before use, and practice safe handling techniques. Thank you!)

Heck, at this rate, and with Obama receiving honors such as the Gun Salesman Of The Year Award, I wouldn't be surprised if the Gun Industry gives a donation to the DNC just for a kicker to the 2010 sales forecast.

I'm joking, of course.

"A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns." ~Mario Puzo