Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iran's Turmoil And Obama

Well, on the lighter side, I guess we all have a momentary reprieve from the "threat" of an Iranian Nuclear Device.

I suppose that everyone there in the various seats of theocratic power is busy dealing with those troublesome youths and their uppity ideas about fair elections and something called "Democracy".

Poor fellows. Couldn't have happened to a nicer group of guys, I tell you what.

In all seriousness, the reports and images leaking out of Iran are describing a political movement of such scale as to make any number of Washington politicians throw their wallets and pocket change and run screaming in the other direction.

I do so wonder what Mr. Ahmedinejhad is doing right about now. Does he have an "Undisclosed Location" guarded in this instance by Hamas and possibly Hezbollah thugs? Is he beginning to question the legitimacy of his regime, or at least reading the writing on the wall? Has he seen the banners at the soccer games that say "Go To Hell Dictator"? Does he realize that that is his glorious self to which they are referring? Does he care?

Information is slowly coming out, and we are all watching carefully to see how this develops. I must admit that while I would like to hear more definitive statements from Obama to the effect of supporting the Democratic Process and the Will of the People, I suppose that he is being cautious due to the fact that we have become the World's de facto Iranian Negotiator and he needs to avoid overtly taking a side (other than the people's) due to the unfortunate possibility that he will be back to the Talkin' Table with the one guy that has just GOT to be a blast at parties.

I know, I know, I'd like to see him rend his shirt from off his chiseled pectorals and announce from atop the Rotunda that America will not stand for such injustices too, but then how could he sit down with the World's Most Cheerfully Brutal Dictator and talk about peace (No really, the guy looks just so happy almost all of the time. Like he's just having the time of his life hanging folks from cranes all day. Creepy...)?

The truth is that I am not surprised to see France, Germany, and now Canada display their solidarity with the Iranian People. This time, they get to make US look like panty-waists. Thanks guys... I suppose it is easier to pick a side and cheer when you don't have the testicular fortitude to actually be the one (no pun intended) to talk to this wretched little man.

Look, I am not the biggest supporter of Obama, but he is our President and I honestly think that he is taking what may very well be a prudent course of action. It will hurt him here, and as reported by Kianoosh Sanjari (via: Gateway Pundit):

"The people of Iran will not forgive Barack Obama for siding with the evil regime."

As much as it will damage our "Public Image", retaining the chance to negotiate Iran out of the Nuke is an important card to keep in our hand. Besides, he may be privy to more information than we are getting.

Or I could just be hoping that that is the strategy...

Regardless of here at home, the real issue is the Iranian people. They are finally demonstrating their displeasure with the current way of doing things, and have made quite clear their desire for a more moderate leadership. I understand that Mousavi is hardly a saint, but a step in the right direction is always a good one.

I congratulate them on their bravery and perseverance, and wish them the best for their future's sake. I will pray for them all.

Oh, and the Mullahs' claim that America is meddling? "Bovine Leavings", you say?

I don't suppose you can "Tweet" back on Twitter to any of those Iranian Student "Citizen Journalists" with your encouragement can you?

Because if you can, that may become evidence on some kid's cell phone or computer to convict them of treason. Such evidence would be catalogued, remembered, and pushed in our faces. Maybe Obama shouldn't worry about trying to save the remaining few shreds of diplomacy for Ahmedinejhad and just start climbing the Capitol Building after all...

H/T: (Gateway Pundit) and Hot Air