Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

I will offer you today no inspiring words or stories, the muse is not upon me. However, I will give you my best wishes for you and your family on this, our country's 233rd birthday!

Now, on to the news:

So, Palin has resigned as Governor. Wow. Her interesting and vague statement regarding "lame-ducks" as a reason for her decision is...


Aside from my belief that the retired writers of the now defunct "Guiding Light" have begun to write the script for American Politics, I am thoroughly surprised by this move from Alaska's erstwhile Governor.

After only a little over 30 months in office, and a particularly vicious Vice-Presidential run, she is effectively throwing in the towel. From Wasilla, we hear a resounding "No Mas!"

Why? I suppose that I must give some credence to the theory that a scandal of Alaskan proportions is looming, but most politicians prefer to ride out storms as opposed to simply abandoning ship before they hit. Perhaps it is to give her constituents a Governor who has less distractions from lawsuits and media coverage. Maybe the weight of her family is finally taking it's toll. We may never know.

Regardless of these thoughts, I feel that her action here is a dereliction of duty. While I have never been her greatest fan, I have always respected her as a tough person who has taken quite a beating in the public eye and continued to smile throughout. This move may forever taint (in my eyes at least) her image as a consistent and dependable leader.

She was elected by the Alaskan People to lead them, and now she has, for whatever reason, decided to abandon them. Perhaps if her explanation was a little more detail and reason, and a little less vague and mysterious, my opinion would be different. As it stands though...

Oh well, as Charles Krauthammer said, she's young, and she'll be back.

But will her supporters?

In other news, I have to weigh in on Mark Sanford and his self imposed Catastrophic Kill of his career (and family).

I have heard some defend politicians in general and their sex scandals. While I understand the reasoning behind the idea that, "As long as they do their jobs, I don't care what they do", I must strongly disagree.

Consider the responsibility that these people carry. All that they are entrusted to do. The oath of office that demands a higher echelon of service and dedication. Now consider the fact that anyone who would do to their own family what people like Mark Sanford has done to his, would likely not think twice about doing to a complete stranger, regardless of their votes, districts, or other assorted political ties to them.

It breaks the sacred faith between a leader and their people. I know that I am waxing idealistic here, but should we not hold these politicians to a higher standard? If we don't already, isn't it about time we start? In addition to the irreparable damage that Mr. Sanford has done to his own family, he has also damaged our party, our trust, and our ability to take anyone in politics seriously.

For these reasons, I must insist on denouncing him.

It is time for him to step down.

Plus, his idiotic and childlike handling of all this is NOT what I want to see in a Presidential Hopeful.

Okay, it's out of my system now. Happy Independence Day!

H/T: Hot Air