Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Shameless Plug (for a friend...)

My friend who has previously been identified as "Bob" here on this site, is really named "Rob".

See what I did there?

He operates a movie review site, and in the spirit of frugality (because we are all broke), I have suggested that he write reviews on movies about to out on DVD. Trust me when I say that he is eminently qualified to do so. His knowledge of all things film grows with his every waking hour.

He is still ironing out the bugs and so forth, but I highly recommend him to you especially if you are in the mood for something different, something original, or something that will provide a good dose of escapism from the drudgery that threatens us all.

He's Hollywood, he's Foreign, he's Grindhouse, he's Rob!

Check him out at Big Monster Cinema. (or failing the link thingy... )

There Rob, don't say I never did nothin' for 'ya!