Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Abomination Of Tolerance

I am not opposed to homosexuality in the sense of accepting it as a normal facet of modern life. I am not speaking on behalf of many of my fellow Republicans in saying this, but I believe that "crimes against man" should by decided by man, and "crimes against God" will be handled by God. My stances on two homosexual hot-button issues are here and here.

That having been said, this story is a train wreck of rampantly misguided “Tolerance”.

As reported to me by
Moonbattery, the following:

“A Spanish man is set to become the first in the world to give birth to twins.
Transsexual Ruben Noe Coronado, 25, is due to become a dad at the end of September.
Ruben, born a woman called Stephanie, will bring the boys up with partner Esperanza Ruiz, 43. The pair plan to marry before they become parents. Bearded American Thomas Beattie made headlines round the world after giving birth to daughter Susan Juliette last June.
The 35-year-old, born Tracy Lagondino, is expecting a second child with wife Nancy this summer. Like Beattie, Ruben is officially a man but retained his female reproductive organs. I've gone public with this so people start to see transsexual pregnancy as normal.”

First off, to simply lay the claim that you are something that you are not is ridiculous at best. This woman is officially recognized by the country of Spain as a man based solely on her declaration of such. Before anyone says anything in regards to the cosmetic alteration of voluntary mastectomies, I would like to point out the thousands of women in this country alone who must have the procedure performed to survive the scourge of breast cancer.

They would assure you that they are no less a woman for having to do it.

To lose the first recognizable physical self-assurance of womanhood to a disease is tragic, and cannot be equated with the loss of femininity by anyone with half an ounce of sense or decency.

That having been established, would I be a thrice recognized minority for a sudden declaration of being a Black-American woman? Being married to a White woman, I would then be a champion of gay marriage, I would be a woman, and I would be Black, right? That’s three minorities I could claim just on my word alone. In addition to the idea being a gross misrepresentation, it is also preposterous.

Second, I will not speak for the feminists as I patently despise having words shoved into my mouth by others, but I will question the acceptance of this travesty by someone who claims to fight against the “hetero-normative patriarchy”.

Mostly due to the fact that this woman just joined it.

Explain to me how a woman who is now a man by law and married to a woman is not now a heterosexual in orientation. Acceptance of these things would dictate that we follow the idea to its logical conclusion, yes? Well…?

Elucidate as well the fact that she will be a “father” to these boys, and not be a patriarchal archetype. Please, I would love to hear the rational reasoning behind it.

Third, who among you would not be disgusted and revolted by hearing of an experiment that involves children that begins at birth and warps their perceived reality to study the mental development of the human mind? We could all arm ourselves with pitchforks and torches and storm the offending laboratory in righteous indignation at the idea, and yet this is supposedly a glowing example of a loving and nurturing childhood environment.

I realize that of all three points, this may be the most logically unstable as the analogy is rather hyperbolic, but there I go showing my Conservatism again…

To counter the slip, I will say this:

If you are a woman attracted solely to another woman, you are a lesbian and I will accept you.

Vice-versa for a man? You are gay and I will accept you.

Attracted to both? You are a bisexual and guess what? I will accept you.

I will go out on a limb here and admit that if you have had surgeries, take hormones, and go out of your way to be something that you were not when you where born, I will accept you as what you identify yourself as.

I am not God, neither is anyone else I know, and He can take care of everything in the afterlife. In the mean time, I will follow the teachings of his Son, Jesus Christ and love you as I would myself.

This case however, I must decry as an abomination to logic, reason, and common sense.

Be a lesbian who has children, or be a woman who “switched” to marry a woman, but don’t attempt to have your ideological cake and eat it too.