Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gays in the Military?

I may lose some of you with this one, but here goes:

I'm a former Marine Corps Infantryman with two combat tours of duty in Iraq.

There's my ante for this editorial...

The number one thing that angered me in the Service were guys who would get through Boot and their respective MOS school then decide that the Marine Corps wasn't for them. What was the guaranteed ticket out of their contract?

"I'm gay".

Allowing openly gay individuals to join the Military would close that loophole forever.

No longer could two guys (or two gals) go into the 1stSgt's office and announce their undying love for each other to get out of being deployed or serving their country. Then they would have to honor that contract and be held to their words in the Oath to "Uphold the Constitution".

Also, the Marine Corps has a very high level of homosexual content due to lesbians.

I tend to like everyone. Oddly enough this includes lesbians. I have made the joke that I am married to one. I don't view them as "icky, gross, sick, or perverted". (Well maybe a little, but in a good way...) I view them as drinking buddies, confidants ("what's wrong with your gender, women are crazy!?"), and friends. If you are a man and you've ever been in the Military, you like lesbians too. There is certainly enough video documentation floating around that is highly prized by male (and some female) Service Members.

Further, the Military does not do Pride Parades. Oh sure they have parades, but they are for formal Military events and ceremonies. They might have to have a Recognition/Appreciation day or two, but who cares? They might just get out of training for it. One more day off for the Military is not going to open the floodgates for terrorist action.

As for the idea that they would have to sit through sensitivity classes, well they do anyway. Ad Nauseum. Ask anyone who’s been in recently and they will tell you the same thing. Drunk Driving, Spousal Abuse, Sexual Harassment (this would mean something more in all male combat units, but so what?), you name it, it’s been covered. Nothing new for the Nation’s Finest.

Lastly, ANYONE who so chooses to place their lives on the line to defend this country is alright in my book. Not enough do now anyway, so what's our issue with someone who is gay?

I've known many people in the service who've had backgrounds, religions, and creeds that differed almost completely from my own, but we had one thing in common:

The belief that this country was good enough to die for.

H/T: Ace and Ace of Spades HQ