Saturday, January 24, 2009

The "Turbo Tax Reform"

I am hereby unveiling my proposal to all Republicans and Patriots:

The "Turbo Tax Reform"

Inspired by Mr. Geithner's lax attitude towards paying his taxes for six years, I am proposing that we all do the same thing.

How does a man who flaunted the Tax Laws get to be the man who now enforces them? How do Republicans allow such a travesty to occur? Why are we not so incensed by this hideous display of cronyism that we do not immediately rise up and take action similar to the Boston Tea Party?

Given the President's less than helpful attitude towards political dissenters, ("I won, I will trump you on that.") I think it only fair that we "trump" him back.

I think that the absence of cash flow will get his attention and remind him of his "bi-partisan" stance towards the other half of this country.

I'd like to see the IRS audit 150 Million people. I would LOVE to see them try. Maybe the Organization for America could help them. He'd give them a uniform, like t-shirts, maybe a dark earth tone of some sort...

I bet Congress and the Senate would have a tough time passing gas let alone a Trillion dollar Stimulus-Response Bill without the moolah to back it up. Oh that's right, they don't have that either. It's not printed yet.

Maybe that would deflate the imperturbable Mr. President long enough to let him see the strength this country really has.

Perhaps then we would be living up to the lofty rhetoric of his Inaugural Speech...