Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Crystal Ball and The Eloquent One-Trick-Pony

If you are anything like me (and I’ll assume you are since you’re reading this…) then you probably think that Obama’s Administration is going to be a combination of Carter’s Incompetence and Clinton’s Moral Bankruptcy.

Operating on that assumption, I’m going to make a prediction:

Within 4 years, Obama and his ilk are going to be painted as Right Wing Stooges and the patsies for a massive GOP plot to undermine the Left.

There, I said it. Read it again and let it sink in if you must, then continue.

Due to his inability to “change” the economy, war(s), etc, or bring “hope” to the unwashed masses combined with his torrid affairs with various political personages of dubious quality (past, present, and future), he will eventually fall dramatically in the popularity ratings.

The MSM will begin to distance themselves from him sensing that he has the potential to be a very heavy millstone indeed. This distancing process will be a subtle exercise in spin and damage control.

On the one hand, if they simply come out and say, “Well, we called that One wrong! Ha Ha!” their credibility (such as it is) will be damaged severely.

On the other hand, if they simply “back their horse” all the way into the ground, well, the outcome is basically identical.

So, what’s an editor-in-chief to do?

Turn the One into the Bad Guy! Make him a DINO, a sell-out, a turn-coat, a Corporate Shill! Say we (the GOP) did it! Offer up the "Messiah" to the Liberal Gods (irony in full presence) as a ritual sacrifice. Claim credit for what they can and cut their losses.

Then he’ll get to see very closely what the underside of the bus looks like.

Fortunately, I’m guessing that only a majority of the Left will buy the scam. The ones that don’t will be more likely to swing a vote for a Republican of real substance (I have my favorite, but that’s a different subject…).

Obama’s rhetoric will finally sound as stale to their ears as it does to us already, and then The Eloquent One-Trick-Pony will be done for.

It’s already beginning to occur with:

1. His Inauguration decision to not have a God-knows-what-passes-for-a-religion-in-the-Left style of ceremony.

2. His choice to keep a Bush appointed Defense Department complete with a Right-placating “keep doing what you’re doing” approach to the War or Terror.

3. His silence concerning Israel’s “evil atrocities and war-crimes”.

In conclusion, I would like to take this time to point out the poetic justice of him being vilified by the same people that lauded him as “The One”.