Thursday, January 29, 2009

Deserter's Profits

To anyone who sympathizes with this horrible wretch, Joshua Key:

Never, EVER, speak to me again about the ideals of Duty, Honor, Integrity, Fidelity, or Accountability.

If you side with this heinous little bastard, you have lost all rights to argue anything involving those points ever again.

At some point in his enlistment process, Mr. Key was required to raise his right hand and swear an Oath of Service to this country. He has refused, by deserting, to honor what was said in that Oath. He has turned his back on his country and his integrity.

He states that he was lied to by his recruiter about never being deployed. In a post-9/11 world, you are a moron to believe it, and I am doubtful as to the veracity of such a claim anyway.

He goes on to describe a blatant and pre-meditated war crime that he stood guard for.

Why didn’t he say something then?

Why didn’t he report it later?

Why is he capitalizing (highly acclaimed book release) off this atrocious (if true…) act now?

This despicable and cowardly excuse for a human being could have done or said something at anytime during or after the alleged incident and Federal Law would have protected him as a “whistle-blower”.

The precedent that this sets is truly dangerous. Now, according to his supporters, no one is accountable to their words or actions anymore. If you disagree with something, you can just leave. No need to right the wrong. Just cut and run.

Very well then…

I want to see this loathsome cad dragged into a Military Court Martial and tried for Desertion, as an accomplice in the crime (he didn’t say anything, and that makes him an accessory), Slander, and as a War Profiteer.

Peto abyssus, you disgusting waste of life.