Monday, April 27, 2009

The Elephant Is Getting Back Up

The GOP is actually on the right path.

This is suggested by the two pronged attack that we have begun to make in response to the current Administration’s reckless political behavior.

The political sector of our Party is ridiculed as the “Party of No”. Ridicule, being what it is, is a good sign. It demonstrates the fear of our opposition that we won’t be holding much, if any, of this baggage in 2010 or especially 2012. As our Party continues to vote “No” on every Boondoggle Bonanza of Spending that floats down the Potomac, we are gambling, but with rather good odds, that the Democrats will be left trying to explain and rationalize away the various consequences that will eventually come from this Orgy of Conspicuous Consumption.

In addition, by taking to task the Obama Administration for whatever its newest bungle might be, the Political Class is keeping pressure where it’s needed, the weakest point. The constant scrutiny will wear quickly on the President, and will ensure that he continues to provide us with ammunition.

Meanwhile, the rest of us, complete with our Tea Parties and other assorted frivolities, will continue to demonstrate our frustration and anger with a Government that has forsaken our values and chosen to embrace its own ideals. The ridicule displayed by erstwhile professionals in the media is all the evidence that I require to see that it has the desired effect.

The only thing that we need now is someone to front us in the Presidential Primaries, and the only thing that we have to fear is the Personality Cult that may very well re-elect Obama despite all the evidence to his ineptitude in the Oval Office.

“He’s so cool!” will be a powerful enemy to defeat. Watch and see.

So I beg you to not lose your faith, and continue doing everything you can to further our agenda of a more responsible and less intrusive Government. We will be called racists for opposing the Nation’s first Black-American President, we will be singled out and dissected for our fortitude, and we will sustain grievous wounds from the derision heaped upon us by those who are afraid that they may have bought the Presidential version of the Edsel.

In the end, I believe that it will come down to Public Opinion versus Public Relations.