Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Napolitano's "No Confidence"

It occurs to me that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano doesn’t realize one very important aspect of American Culture:

Party lines are not drawn around families, they go through them.

Within one immediate family, you can have Liberals and Conservatives. I married a Liberal, albeit one who is rapidly being alienated from her traditional stances by the current administration. Dick Cheney’s daughter is purportedly a Liberal while Mr. Cheney is, well, you get the picture.

The recent report that asserts that returning Veterans of OIF/OEF may in fact become terrorists themselves after fighting them and losing friends in the process, demonstrates her inability to grasp the concept that several families have within them not only different political views, but Military members and veterans as well. This insult was felt far and wide.

Added to this, and the implied and widely understood importance of her position, she may have irreparably damaged at the very least her standing in the average American’s eyes when it comes to our combined safety. If she cannot grasp the idea that we are a mixed people politically, then maybe there are other, more dangerous omissions in her conceptualization of her duties.

Even the
Boston Globe, a Liberal leaning paper, has called her to task for her ineptitude in not only the report itself, but also the resulting backlash that it incurred to her Office. Her stumbling explanations were a further insult to our intelligence when a simple apology would have made most of this flack go away.

Also, given the new problem involving the Swine Flu (which will be better known as a real threat or a simple scare by the end of the week), she concerns me. Ms. Napolitano will be instrumental in either combating the possible epidemic or hindering the proper response with her action or inaction. Given her record so far, I cannot say that I am confident in our National Security under her watch.

Perhaps it might be best if she stepped down before any real and lasting damage is done.


The Obama administration has no:
1. Surgeon General
2. None of the 19 posts or Secretary positions filled in the Dept. of Health and Human Services
3. No confirmation on the FDA Head.

We might safely assume that the DHS will have to (along with other Departments) pick up the slack if the Swine Flu becomes a major issue. I'd like it to be someone who can handle a daily routine at least...

H/T: Hot Air