Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Human Clone's Imminent Arrival?

At some point the Human Clone will be upon us, and we will learn to deal with this new facet of Human Existence.

I’ve heard of many complaints and concerns surrounding the possibility that these beings will be without souls, and while I can not verify or deny these fears, I will refer to the classic story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

In the story, it was feared (to a great degree, and thus a major plot point…) that the Monster would mate with a woman, either a natural human, or coerce his Maker, Doctor Frankenstein to make him a partner of sorts in the same way that he himself was created.

The resulting horror and abomination was then thought to have been a hideous conglomeration of festering wounds and disjointed limbs, but in the eyes of a modern reader, this assertion is rather silly (hence, in my opinion, the decline of the story’s prestige in recent decades). The offspring of these two would have depended entirely on the sexual organs alone and even if separate from the other parts in origin, they would have produced a normal and healthy child.

Quite the let-down in the Horror world, eh?

Yet today, we have once again a new and terrifying prospect, the Human Clone. A being contrived through science and reason, devoid of any soul, lacking even a vestigial remnant of its True Human Fore-bearer’s spirit!

Dross, crap, and poppycockery.

We will never run out of things to run screaming into the hills from, will we? Another amazing advancement in science to be greeted as an insufferable evil. Of course, you must never let it pass your mind that God may have intended for us to do things like use a tool, or attempt to bring order to chaos, or to improve our lives past the drudgery that was the 14th century. Nope, such thoughts are a plague, an insidious attack by The Horned One who can quote the Bible to further his own infernal ends! Egad!

I would certainly advise caution, restraint, and perhaps even regulation, but I will not engage in the random and baseless fear mongering that can lead to scientific stagnancy.

This does not offend my religious sensitivities; neither does it raise my Hackles of Reason. We progress. It is what we do best. Perhaps we get ahead of ourselves sometimes, and we have certainly taken on projects that have proven our match and greater from time to time, but such is trial and error, the way of learning.

Relax and observe; you may yet see the Glory of God in a scientific advancement…

H/T: Hot Air