Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Announcement

To all my faithful readers, all three of you,

This is to announce that as of today, I will no longer be trying to write on a daily basis. I realize that this is no surprise since I have been lax in keeping a daily schedule lately anyway, but there it is.

My reasons are many, but I will enumerate them for your edification:

1. I work third shift. This means that I can devote less time to the news as it happens, and while I am far from being able to "Live-Blog", I simply cannot keep up the pace that more professional Bloggers can. I have a family, and I sleep in the time when most people are at work (9-5).

2. There are plenty of people out there who "break" the news, and I am not one of them. I read about eight sites religiously every day that I can (about five to six days a week), and they perform the job admirably. Again however, I simply don't have the time to devote to such an undertaking.

3. I do not want to add to the incestuous nature that some sites get into when it comes to articles. Simply repeating what someone else has said, even when sited, only contributes to the appearance of an "echo chamber" effect where everyone is saying the same thing, but to no one who has not heard it before. I understand the dissemination of information, and one site might be read by a different group than another, but I still want to offer something different.

4. By different, I mean that I am an opinion writer. I may have a different take on a situation that has been looked over by everyone else. Another possibility is that when someone else has a good idea that I think is in danger of being ignored, or could be elaborated upon, I can help to further push the story or angle. Of course, as always, all sources will be sited.

5. I have found that a rushed story is crap. There are many articles here that I am not happy with, and I want to distance myself from the feeling that I must write something new and groundbreaking everyday. The nice thing about a self-published media like this one is that you can set your own deadlines. A good article might take a while to compile, but in the end, I believe that you, the reader, will better appreciate the product.

I am still very new at this and I am just beginning to find my way. I would ask that you bear with me and hopefully, in the future, I will better serve your interests and your tastes.

So, that having been said, RSS to subscribe, add me to your Google Reader, or just check in every now and then. I will endeavour to provide a satisfactory reading experience.

Thank you all for everything so far.

Your in Conservatism,
Evil Monk