Friday, February 20, 2009

"Hiding In The Bush"

Recently I've discovered a trend among Liberals:

When cornered in an argument over Obama's policies, they tend to "Hide in the Bush".

In a conversation that took place a few days ago, a friend and I were discussing how the national deficit was a bad thing as of only a few months ago, but now we are all supposed to be giddy with delight about the idea of spending our way out of the spiraling economy. The occurrence came soon in to the topic when my friend, a Liberal, said, "Well, Bush took us into historic debt, why don't you seem enraged about that?"

The fact is that many of us Fiscal Conservatives were rather peeved about the situation, and outside of the two wars we are engaged in, I didn't like the financial direction we were going in either.

However, the implication that since Bush did such a thing, we are all supposed to be happy about the Stimulus-Response Bill's passage is ridiculous. Further, the fact that Bush's name gets invoked now to prove the legitimacy of an action is hysterical.

There's some "Change" for you.