Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Discourse on Fear

"People should not fear their government, their government should fear the people"

As nearly as I can research, that line is commonly attributed to "V for Vendetta" (ostensibly written by Alan Moore).

Drivel, dangerous drivel.

Crap, offal, and horse-poop.

I can hear some of you sputtering, and beginning to arrange in your heads the arguments concerning smaller governments, "1984", police states, and all manner of such and the like.

Allow me to explain:

The sentiment, as so many "bumper-sticker-wisdoms" are, is of course an immediate catalyst for feelings about the strength of the people, the true power behind our form of government, etc. Upon closer inspection (a common danger for most "BSW's"), we find that this idea is illogical at best and down-right dangerous at worst.


Think of a fear that you have in your life. (I'll use spiders for an example...)

When you encounter a spider, you feel a distinct loathing for it, right? This reinforces your Fear.

You learn to HATE that which you fear.

Hate and in some deranged cases, a willingness to hunt down said catalyst of Fear and kill it.

Apply this to a government that "Fears" its people, and within just a few generations you will have an organization with little to no regard for its constituency, or possibly even a true Hatred of it.

I submit that a "Healthy Respect" should be the ideal.

Let's leave hyperbolic Rabble Rousing at the door shall we?