Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not Wise If True

According to the New York Times, President Obama called Senators Specter, Collins, and Snowe to thank them for supporting the "Stimulus-Response" Bill.


If even one of them breaks formation and votes "Nay", he will have further diminished his Presidency. If they all consider their political careers and vote against the Bill, then he will look like an ass.

Oh, yeah, and this story will get buried. Right down the memory hole. Mostly to prevent him from assuming a semi-equine appearance in the Public mind's eye.

Continuing in the vein of pain, this will be a millstone around the necks of these Senators from now on, and will lend itself very nicely to commercials come the appropriate re-election times.

They could either become pariahs of the party (not a good place to be right now) and vote for this Special Interest Spend-a-thon, or they could salvage their place in the party ranks by going with a no vote on Monday and claiming that they were only trying to:

"...sabotage and undermine the Democrats by appearing to be the only Republicans who could be wooed into a vote of yes, then whipping the carpet out from under them at the last second!"


"...reach a compromise in time. Due to the circumstances, our principals would not let us vote for something that we did not believe would work. The American People would be better served by a Bill authored by both parties in equal shares."

I wonder which one they would choose.

I wonder which way they'll vote.

I wonder how much longer they'll be Senators...

H/T: News Busters